The recommended way is take a plane to Bologna, rent a car at the airport and drive here. Having a car is essential if you are planning day trips to Florence or Venice. Plus, there are so many wonderful villages in the Apennines that you’ll want to have a car to go various trattorias, restaurants, bars, cafes, national parks, museums, trailheads, etc...



Getting to Bologna by train is easy as well. Very near the station are several rental car places.


Train/Plane - Bus

You can also get to Bologna and then take a bus to Tolè. The bus leaves from nearby the train station. You’ll want to catch the ATC 686 that leaves you in the center of Tolè. If you want to take this route we will supply you with the link to the bus schedule. Depending on when you leave, you sometimes have to take two buses. The walk from Tolè is about 2 miles and a lot of it is uphill.



If you are coming from somewhere in Europe by car then it is best to drive to Bologna and follow the instructions from there. If you are coming from the south of Italy the google how to get to Tolè and follow the instructions from there.



This area is famous in Italy for bicycling. Its rolling hills, magnificent vistas and well carved highways attract cyclers from all over the world. Dragodena is ideally suited for groups of bicyclists who want to use the house as a base.